Vanguard USB Protector

The proliferation of USB portable devices, either personal or for business use, is one of the major headaches of corporate CISOs and IT managers

The improper usage of portable data storage devices can pose significant risks and easily violate company’s internal policy for data protection, security and privacy preservation

Vanguard USB Protector provides control and data protection of USB portable devices

It is part of the Vanguard System, a unique solution to protect Physical Security and Control Systems networks from cyber threats

Vanguard USB Protector main features:

  • Monitors the outgoing data
  • Controls the volume and format of outgoing data
  • Restricts flash-drives usage to the organization’s network
  • Groups USB thumb drives under the same label with specific assigned permissions
  • Backups/shadows outgoing files
  • Sends alerts when specific selected data are accessed
  • Keeps your mobile data confidential at all times
  • Reduces security vulnerabilities
  • Increases environmental knowledge
  • Prevents leaks and illegal infiltrations
  • Immediately sends alerts in case of data leaks
  • High secure data encryption