Nelysis Solution for Oil and Gas Security

oil and gas securiyOil & Gas plants and distribution systems require a high degree of automation and convergence of both IT and OT technologies. Information Technology (IT) traditionally refers to areas such as the supply chain, asset management, finance, etc. whilst Operation Technology (OT) is essential to control processes and monitor physical equipment.

The evolution of computer-based management systems has, indeed, improved the reliability of Oil & Gas production and distribution; however, on the other hand, it also has increased both targeted or accidental risks of IT/OT security events that could lead to disruption in the utilities supplies.

Protecting Oil & Gas production and distribution structures from physical and cyber-attacks is essential. Any system breakdown could have disastrous consequences resulting in long periods of operational downtime, financial losses and, most importantly, threats to public safety. Successful cybercrime against oil and gas security can be designed to not only destroy data or shut down the plant, they can also be meant to sabotage the operations or even trigger an explosion.

The Vanguard NCM solution for Oil and Gas Security

Today all cyber security systems must cover both IT and OT standards as the attack’s surface is considerably bigger.

Nelysis Network Cyber Management solution, Vanguard, was developed to protect from small and medium businesses with important assets to protect to critical infrastructures such as Oil & Gas providers and distribution companies. Unlike other systems that were “adopted” from the IT and OT technologies and, therefore, do provide only partial protection, Vanguard was specifically designed for Physical security and control network.

Vanguard’s main benefits for Oil and Gas Security

Protected by Vanguard, Oil & Gas companies are able to produce and deliver supplies without interference. Vanguard identifies and visualizes all the network elements in order to detect intrusions and mitigate automatically their effects.

The main benefits offered by Vanguard against oil and gas security breaches include:

  • NCM system specifically designed for Security networks and edge devices
  • non-intrusive deep packet inspection: data integrity and timing are preserved
  • network monitoring at packet level: every detail is controlled
  • early detection on Physical Security elements and Control Systems networks
  • early detection of cyber-attacks on edge devices
  • warning and prevention against cyber threats on Physical Security elements and Control Systems networks
  • real time network monitoring

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