Nelysis at the forefront of cybersecurity in hospitals and GDPR compliance

cybersecurity in hospitalsToday, cybersecurity in hospitals as well as an effective and secure management of information concern the whole of society. As hospitals and clinics deal with masses of data, data breaches and thefts are major threats to hospital security. On the other hand, one of the key components in the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is the consent of the persons to legitimize how their personal data is processed. And one area in which such consent takes special importance is of course health as the data are not only personal but also sensitive information. Therefore, clinics, hospitals and other healthcare organizations have to protect growing masses of personal and sensitive information of patients as well as financial and other important data

Cybersecurity in hospitals is challenged by many different factors

The physical and cybersecurity in hospitals and healthcare critical infrastructures are challenged by a complex whole of safety, communications and building automation factors that include:

  • complying to strict regulations and policies
  • ever-increasing need for operational efficiencies and reduction of operating costs
  • monitoring of different areas
  • managing of many networked devices that increase the attack surface and expand the entry points for malicious intrusions
  • managing of different IoT technologies connected to the same exposed network
  • managing of public access and a wide variety of different access authorizations
  • ensuring protection against data thefts and GDPR compliance
  • ensuring protection against cyberattacks and incidental or malicious actions

Vanguard helps healthcare critical infrastructures ensure safety and continuity

Nelysis’s Vanguard NCM solution is particularly suitable for cybersecurity in hospitals and clinics because this Network Cyber Management system was specifically designed for Physical security and control networks. In today’s healthcare organizations, where countless devices could be cyber threat vectors, Vanguard monitors the network to detect and prevent intrusions and data breaches, and mitigate automatically their effects in order to allow the hospitals to operate normally and continuously.



Main benefits provided by Vanguard for cybersecurity in hospitals

Capable of detecting and identifying a wide range of malicious activities, Vanguard identifies and visualizes all the network elements to extract network metadata through DPI and detect mismatches with original behavior profiles. The metadata are then stored in a Big Data Repository for forensic analysis.

Vanguard helps to protect hospitals and clinics from cyber-attacks that could disrupt crucial continuity by:

  • Supporting the existing network infrastructure with a non-invasive solution that requires minor changes in the existing network
  • Detecting new threats since Vanguard is not based on digital signatures and is able to detect any new behavior anomalies
  • Mitigating any monitored network component
  • Providing full cybersecurity by detecting any physical intrusion, MITM, changes in network, unauthorized L7 protocols, brute force password attacks, unauthorized web browsing and many other threats
  • Being vendor independent and specifically optimized for security IoT devices such as biometrics and proximity readers, ID systems, CCTV cameras, access control devices, intrusion detection components, etc.
  • Preventing the introduction of malware to the existing network and protect the hospital’s network from data breaches that could be highly costly in loss of reputation and trust of patients, in addition to compliance expenses and potential fines
  • Specifically addressing data protection in the health sector and helping to comply with the GDPR and privacy best practices
  • Helping patients and employees to feel safer and protected against security breaches and criminal hackers wanting to steal healthcare data and sensitive information
  • Allowing to monitor who is accessing the systems and limiting access to authorized individuals


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