Cybersecurity for Water and Energy Critical Infrastructures

cybersecurity for critical infrastructuresCybersecurity for Water and Energy critical infrastructures is more important than ever as cyberattacks are increasingly dangerous and targeted, designed to disrupt or damage infrastructures that deliver vital services. The protection of critical infrastructures from both physical and cyberattacks is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

The need for cybersecurity for water and energy critical infrastructures

Given the growing degree of sophistication of cyberattacks and the ever-increasing dependency of infrastructures on ICT networks, any country’s national stability and security are at risk. Attackers can inflict damage by infiltrating the systems that control physical processes and disrupt critical services without a physical attack.
We at Nelysis have understood that the design and implementation of physical security and control networks are no more suitable for the current cyber threats. These networks are not properly monitored; in many cases, they are even not protected from cyberattacks or from neutralization of the existing security elements such as the video management systems, CCTV cameras, access control devices, intrusion detection components and smart I/O controllers.


Vanguard: NCM system specifically designed for network security and edge devices

The Vanguard NCM system is the solution provided by Nelysis for complete and dedicated Network Cyber Management.
Vanguard helps professional System Integrators, Technology Dealers and Distributors to protect critical infrastructures and assets. Unlike other cybersecurity systems for critical infrastructures, Vanguard was specifically designed for security and edge devices: thanks to its AI algorithms, the Nelysis’s NCM solution monitors the entire network, detects intrusions and cybercrime threats, mitigating automatically their effects.


Vanguard NCM system’s benefits

The main benefits offered by the Network Cyber Management system Vanguard include:

  • Complete protection: Vanguard provides cybersecurity protection for the entire network at once, including IoT devices like CCTV cameras, access control, intrusion alarm and fire detection devices
  • Behavior analysis: Vanguard reads real time all low level network traffic and detects behavior anomalies. Since it is not based on digital signatures, it can detect new threats.
  • Mapping and classification: Vanguard maps and classifies all network assets, with both logical and physical topologies
  • Specifically optimized for Security IoT devices
  • Designed for closed LANs (air gapped networks)
  • Vendor independent
  • Open platform: Vanguard supports SYSLOG/SNMP
  • Built-in post-event analysis: Vanguard allows to store several months of traffic information for fast and easy built-in post-event analysis
  • Full cybersecurity: Vanguard detects physical intrusion, MITM, changes in network, unauthorized L7 protocols, brute force password attacks, unauthorized web browsing and many other threats


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