Cybersecurity for Smart Cities

cybersecurity-for-smart-citiesDespite the rising awareness and growing investments in cybersecurity for smart cities, today’s metropoles are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, terrorist or not, that could disrupt crucial services (such as utilities, transportation, law enforcement, health care, etc.) and potentially damage the social as well as economic systems.

These vulnerabilities are consequences of the spreading convergence of the physical and cyber worlds, convergence that makes Smart Cities complex ecosystems where people, assets, devices and processes, are integrated via IT (Information Technology) systems.

Cybersecurity for Smart Cities provided by Vanguard NCM solution

Smart cities rely, indeed, on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and a multitude of physical devices connected to the IoT network, to optimize the efficiency of their operations and services. However, the ever-growing number of networked IoT devices and the convergence of OT and IT security have increased the attack surface and expanded the entry points in which malicious intrusions could enter and disrupt the whole smart city ecosystem.

Nelysis’s Vanguard NCM solution is particularly suitable for Cybersecurity for Smart Cities because this Network Cyber Management system is specifically designed for Physical security and control networks. In today’s smart cities, where countless devices could be cyber threat vectors, Vanguard monitors the entire network and detects intrusions, mitigating automatically their effects, and allowing smart cities to operate normally and continuously.


Main benefits provided by Vanguard for Cybersecurity for Smart Cities

With the proliferation of IoT devices and the lack of security features in IP devices, the main benefits provided by Vanguard for cybersecurity for smart cities are increasingly acknowledged by Professional Security providers, integrators and installers. These are the 5 top benefits they particularly appreciate:

  • Vanguard analyses the network structure, identifies and tracks all the network elements. The network elements are identified via the manufacturer data, the network parameters and physical/logical topology.
  • Vanguard identifies any change such as any unauthorized Physical monitoring of the infrastructure connections, any damage or connection to the optical fibers or copper cables, etc.
  • Vanguard is a non-invasive solution that supports the existing network infrastructure and requires minor changes in the existing smart city networks.
  • Vanguard is a modular system that can be easily adapted and expanded.
  • Vanguard is able to prevent the intrusion of malicious actors into the existing network, searching and retrieving significant data before the attack on any monitored network component could actually happen.
  • Vanguard helps efficiently to identify and fix network misconfiguration (overloaded devices, duplicated IP, gateway configuration mistakes, unhautorized communication with external IP etc)

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