Cybersecurity for Smart Buildings

cybersecurity-for-smart-buildingsThe increased focus on cybersecurity for smart buildings is being driven by the ever-growing number of networked IoT devices and the convergence of OT and IT security.

Today’s residential, commercial or public buildings are getting smarter and smarter: more comfortable, more energy-savvy and more self-sustainable.
The smart buildings where we live and work rely on interconnected and networked physical control sub-systems such as heating and air conditioning devices, elevators, smoke detectors, alarms, access control and video surveillance systems, etc.

However, this seamless interconnection of IoT devices makes smart buildings increasingly vulnerable and susceptible for cyber-attacks with expensive and destructive consequences.

Cybersecurity for Business Continuity

Cyber-attacks on smart buildings hinder business continuity: successful intrusions prevent smart buildings from operating and can cause significant damages resulting in long periods of operational downtime, data losses, financial losses and even threats to public safety.

Since cyber-attacks can traverse between OT (Operation Technology), IT (Information Technology) and IoT (Internet of Things), today’s cybersecurity for smart buildings solutions must cover both the IT and OT networks. Cyber-breaching a single connected operational device could put the whole network at risk causing disruption to production, hindering business continuity and exposing people to further danger.

Cybersecurity for Smart Buildings and Business Continuity provided by Vanguard NCM solution

Nelysis’s Network Cyber Management solution Vanguard is particularly suitable for physical control systems because it was specifically designed for Physical security and control networks.

The networked physical control devices of a smart building eco-system may come with some malicious software that disrupts the normal operation of the component or the entire network, without knowing the cause and without having the ability to locate the source of threat and neutralize it. Vanguard monitors the entire network and detects intrusions, mitigating automatically their effects, and allowing smart buildings operating normally and continuously.

With the increasing attack surface and the lack of security features in IOT devices, the main benefits offered by Vanguard for cybersecurity for smart buildings are even more evident:

  • early detection on Physical Security elements and Control Systems networks
  • early detection of cyber-attacks on edge devices
  • warning and prevention against cyber threats on Physical Security elements and Control Systems networks
  • real time network monitoring
  • non-intrusive deep packet inspection: data integrity and timing are preserved
  • network monitoring at packet level: every detail is controlled

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