Nelysis at the forefront of cybersecurity for casinos

Nelcybersecurity-for-casinosysis is at the forefront of cybersecurity for casinos because when it comes to gambling facilities, security is one of the most critical issues. The gamers’ money is at stake and the stakes are high. Access control and alarm systems as well as the best-quality video surveillance solutions are necessary to be able to detect cheating and theft, monitor public safety and resolve gaming disputes.

High stakes that are difficult to monitor

However, casinos are typically dark and difficult to monitor.. Both the assets and the people have to be watched continuously by highly detailed cameras able to monitor detail in gaming operations and zoom into the smallest things, and the casinos’ security managers must also conform to strict gaming and video surveillance regulations. High quality CCTV cameras and redundant recording systems are of the essence for that, 24/7, with strictly controlled configuration settings and user’s authentication. But all modern CCTV systems today are on IP and may be subject to attacks, especially if they share network hardware resources with other networks and equipment.

Vanguard helps physical security managers to protect gamers and staff and to

be infallible 24 hours a day: Nelysis’s Network Cyber Management system oversees the entire network and provides full cybersecurity protection for all the existing elements such as CCTV cameras and video management systems, access control and intrusion detection devices, smart I/O controllers, fire detection equipment, etc.

Cybersecurity for casinos provided by Vanguard

Because casinos are heavily secured places, the physical security and control networks are exposed to the collapse of critical systems, the neutralization of edge devices and the disruption of operations. These collapses and disruptions may be caused by hostile takeovers and external attacks as well as internal activities such as a disgruntled employees, wrong setup or installation of devices that come with preinstalled malicious software, they all may be able to disrupt the normal operation of the entire network.

The Nelysis patent-based NCM system Vanguard provides non-obtrusive and simple-to-use innovative cybersecurity technology that is able to properly monitor physical security networks and protect them from cyber-attacks or neutralization. Vanguard automatically scores all the networked components and builds an up-to-date baseline that defines normal activity and any deviation from it that is to be considered as anomalous. The system then compares any activity against the initial baseline profile while presenting the network at both a logical and physical level. The  security operator receives the correct information and scoring rate on the connected edge devices and sub-systems based on values such as the actual traffic, the manufacturer name, the running operating system or firmware version, the actual protocols and bandwidth, the number of flows, the IP and MAC address, the physical port on the network switch, etc.


The benefits of using Vanguard for cybersecurity for casinos

Discreet but effective and functional cybersecurity allows casinos to protect their fame and ensure business continuity. The main benefits offered by Vanguard for cybersecurity for casinos include:

Easy and secure installation: Vanguard does not require any downtime or change in the existing network. It can be easily installed without disrupting the integrity of the physical security and control network. 

Complete protection: Vanguard provides cybersecurity protection for the entire network at once, including IoT devices like CCTV cameras, access control, intrusion alarm and fire detection devices, etc.

Mapping and classification: Vanguard maps and classifies all network assets, with both logical and physical topologies.

Behavior analysis: Vanguard reads real time all low level network traffic and detects any behavior anomalies. Since it is not based on digital signatures, Vanguard is able to detect new threats.

Extremely detailed data repository for forensic activities: Vanguard continuously monitors all the network elements and network traffic to extracts the network metadata through DPI (deep monitoring at packet level so that every detail is controlled) and detect mismatches with established behavior profiles and issues alerts. Besides, the metadata are stored in a Big Data Repository for forensic analysis.

24/7 cyber defense for Physical Security: 24/7 real time monitoring, control and powerful protection, Vanguard is the gatekeeper who never sleeps!

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