Cyber Defense for Physical Security

cyber-defense-for-physical-securityThe demand for 24/7 cyber defense for Physical Security is ever increasing as the landscape of critical infrastructures has changed immensely.
New considerations are needed to face today’s terrorist threats: the apparent randomness and the easiness of the attacks make a potential target far less obvious.

Now more than ever, physical security must be always active on, 24/7. Every risk manager of either a critical infrastructure or Small Medium Business with important assets to protect, needs high physical security protection to control the access to the facilities.

The need for 24/7 cyber defense solutions for Physical Security

The simplicity of interconnectivity between different systems and the rapid evolution of CCTV, access control, intrusion alarm and fire detection by means of IT networks has made possible to integrate various systems into only one solution.
However, on the other hand, this integration has led to many questions on how Physical Security could be hacked and penetrated, allowing the intrusion into highly restricted areas by unauthorized people.
Physical Security and control networks, which are growing in both the number of added elements and the extension of their physical areas, are continuously exposed to the collapse of critical systems, to the neutralization of edge devices, and even to the hostile takeover and disruption of operations by internal activities (i.e. wrong setup) or external attacks.

The Vanguard NCM solution for 24/7 cyber defense for Physical Security

Nelysis’s Vanguard Network Cyber Management system was built and designed by experts with extensive experience in Physical Security and control systems for networks.
The Vanguard NCM solution is easily installed without disrupting the integrity of the network.
The system compares profiles against the initial baseline while presenting the network at a logical and physical level.
The user then receives detailed information and scoring rates about the connected edge devices and sub-systems based on values such as the manufacturer name, the running operating system and firmware version, the used protocols, the used bandwidth, the number of flows, the IP address, the MAC address and the physical port on the network switch.

Vanguard NCM system’s benefits

The main benefits offered by the Network Cyber Management system Vanguard for 24/7 cyber defense for Physical Security include:

  • 24/7 real time monitoring, control and powerful protection.
    Vanguard is the gatekeeper who never sleeps!
  • Easy and secure installation.
    The Vanguard Network Cyber Management system does not require any downtime or change in the existing network.
  • Designed for cyber defense for Physical Security.
    Unlike other systems that were “adopted” from the IT and OT technologies, Vanguard was designed for Physical security and control networks.
  • Easy to use.
    Unlike other solutions providing IT networks protection, the Vanguard NCM solution does not require any high level network nor cyber-network knowledge.

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